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Black Sheep Inn

 TOUR Information


1)  Location:  Near the town of Chugchilan

2)  How far
*   5+ hrs from Quito.  (depends on weater, and road conditions)
*  3+ from Lasso, Cotopaxi. 

3)  Description:   "The Black Sheep Inn is a purpose built (and self-built by the owners) sustainable living setup. All the buildings are made with nearly all local and eco-friendly materials.   We get served 3 home-cooked (but restaurant quality) vegetarian meals per day, again made with all local and homegrown ingredients. The water is caught in rain tanks and best of all - the toilets require no flushing."  (Notes from Tramps_like_us, Travelerpod.com)  

4)  It is Perfect for:  young adults, Adults & Seniors. Vegetarians. 
*  People without back problems. 
*  The facilites are suitable for childres.  But, the bus travel "may be" too much for a child.  If there is a lot of rain, the road conditions would make the road very bumpy.     

5)  Important: * "Vegetarian" Meals only.
* Reservations need to be made for 2 or more nights.
*  Big cancelation fees will apply. 
* Reservations can not be canceled with a month from arrival.

 Hotel / Lodge Black Sheep Inn